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Day 1
Day 1
Hello my name is john Larson i was stalked by the slender man on 12.21.12. If you allow me i will tell you my story but there is a risk you might end up with the same fate as me.
My day started with a good smile seeing my mother and father. I ran downstairs as fast as i could, i had a bowl of soup that my mother prepared yesterday, i got dressed for school ,and packed my bags and went. I usually go with my friends because my mother gets worried if something happens to me but i keep telling her that nothing would happen to me unfortunately i was wrong while i was walking a large mist came in as in the concerts but this was different this one was so dense that seeing things a meter away was nearly impossible but i kept my cool, my friends said that he saw something in end of the mist he said he saw a man who appeared to be holding branches. by this time i lost my cool i figured that something was terribly wrong i grabbed my friends and ran i wouldn't stop but as i escaped from the
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Art is an Explosion
One day a boy was sitting in his room filled with his amazing art based on his favourite characters such as Deidera, Twilight sparkle, Slender man, and etc.
"its so...lonely...i'm for the first time alone" he boy said softly as he rocked on his chair
"i wish they were parents" as he sunk his brain into the memories of his parents complementing his art, The boy got up and pulled out a canvas with some paint "i know what to do to light this place up" the boy said while he was painting and he drew a picture of his mother and father holding each others hands and smiling as they were saying your home with us
the boy placed it on the ceiling with the help of some nails and a hammer. "Now as soon as i die i'll be able to see their faces once more heh it won't be the same but it is what it has to be" he said as the tears dripped down from his face "thank you, mother...thank you, father for giving me this life" he continued and he lied back in his chair going to sleep hoping to see hi
:icontheslender759:TheSlender759 1 12
Lol omegle by TheSlender759 Lol omegle :icontheslender759:TheSlender759 2 43 Go ask! by TheSlender759 Go ask! :icontheslender759:TheSlender759 1 40 Slender wants to stop bullies by TheSlender759 Slender wants to stop bullies :icontheslender759:TheSlender759 1 21


The old man in the park
There's an old man sitting on a bench in the park.
A scruffy dog by his feet, on his lips a witty remark.
Not a tooth in his mouth, but he smiles anyway.
And if you ask him why, this is what he will say:
“I have a song in my head, and a smile on my face.
I have lived a full life of both sorrow and grace.
I have love so plenty, and stories to share.
And I live my life without a worry or care.”
His wrinkles are a map of a long, lasting life.
Of hard work, three sons, and a now deceased wife.
His hearing may be bad, and his vision turning grey.
But if you ask him, this is what he will say:
“I have seen my share of wonders, my friend
And I will hear the songs in my heart to the end.
So what need have I for these senses, I ask?
If they fail me, my memories shall rise to the task.”
The old dog by his side gives a soft little whine.
Licking his hand as if to tell him it is time.
He smiles and stands, shakes my hand for goodbye.
Then wanders off with a twink
:iconridderkvinden:Ridderkvinden 852 436
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oh  my god i just finished the end of mirai nikki now 99.99 percent of the water is made of my tears


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I live at at the forest stalking people trying to give them hugs


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